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Hello, whoever you are. I go by the name Zyborg22 on the internet. I'm not going to say too much about myself here, since that's what the About Me section will be for whenever I get around to making one. And before you ask, the misspelling of "encyclopedia" was intentional. You see, it is a pun on my name and…oh, never mind.

Well anyway, the stuff that you'll be seeing on this site will be listed below.

Just a general disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the content of the sites linked to on this site, except for my older sites and image-sharing accounts.

Fictional Encyclopedias of Fictional Worlds

Creating fictional worlds (and characters, and items, and stuff) is a hobby of mine. Here are some of things I came up with.

  • The Universe of Syrmon 2 - A place where alien species come from across the universe of Syrmon 2 and…do stuff together. You're going to have to look inside if you want more than that.
  • The Whoever Superhuman Universe - As the name suggests, this is a universe where superheroes and supervillains exist. For some reason, this universe is actually named "Whoever".
  • A Mishmash of Other Stuff - This is where all the items, characters, and everything else that doesn't yet have a universe to call home reside until they find one
  • Secret Universe 1 - As the name says, this is a world that I'm not ready to tell you too much about yet. There are a few things that I've revealed here and there, though.
  • Secret Universe 2 - This is another world that I'm not telling you much about. I don't know why I'm even making a separate page for it, since I only revealed one thing for it.

General Fictional World Information

Artwork Depository

This area is my artwork depository. That's pretty much all I have to say about it that hasn't been said below.

  • My deviantART Account - All of the images I drew go here, whether they be fanart, gift art, or original works.
  • Gift Art by Others - I don't know how much gift art I'll actually be getting, but any that I do get will go here (along with credit to the artist).
  • Photos, Image Manipulations, and the Like - Photos, images made from photos, and images made with programs will go here.
  • Things I Made in Spore - This page contains everything I have made in either the Spore Creature Creator or Spore itself, as the name suggests.

Story Corner

This is where I keep all of the stories and such that I've written. I know it seems silly to have a section with only one link, but I didn't think it was appropriate to put this in the Everything Else section.

  • Story Corner - The name, the paragraph above, and the page this link goes to already say everything that needs to be said about this. I feel no need to say anything else about it here.

The Theater

These links will take you to the very few videos I've created. I'm not hosting them here because it's a lot easier to put them on my Youtube account.

  • My Youtube Account - This is where I put most of the videos I've made. The reason the account is under "Zyborg200" is because "Zyborg22" wasn't available.
  • Ottercomics Ad Video - This is the first (and only, so far) video that I have created with Windows Movie Maker. It was created for a contest that Ottertunes was having. The video is very bare bones, which is probably why it lost the contest.
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