Acera is a pleasure planet, filled to the brim with casinos, restaurants, parks (both theme and normal), and…other services.


Name: Acera
Home of: Tolekis

Gravity: Normal
Climate: It varies depending on the location, though bad weather conditions are rare throughout the entire planet.



Locations Inside:
The Hindil Veern Museum of Sapient LifeHindil Veern had this museum built as a way to both break modest tolekis out of their “shyness” and torment them. Specifically, it puts the unlucky prisoners in the museum as statues and allows natives and tourists alike to gawk at them (and touch them, if it’s feeling sadistic enough to place them out in the open).

Hindil Veern’s Prison – This is the prison that Hindil Veern is the warden of. The building is fairly standard as far as prisons go, aside from its large size.

Measurement Centers – Citizens must go to one of these buildings every so often to have every conceivable body measurement taken by government workers who love their jobs way too much. The workers make sure to store these measurements very securely, even though measurements for shapeshifters seem pointless. Tourists don’t need to have their measurements taken. Not yet, at least.

Aceran Checkpoints – Citizens and visitors enter and leave Acera through one of these buildings. The security checks are fairly standard as far as dictatorships go. If things get too chaotic on Acera, however, people entering or leaving it will be subject to a “super enhanced pat-down” in order to “prevent smuggling and ensure the planet’s safety”.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard and Melyx, a syrupey sounding language
Written Language: Galactic Standard and a written version of Melyx
Miscellaneous Language: They could easily have a language that involves transforming into different things. I’m not sure if they do, though.

For ages, the tolekis have been manipulated behind the scenes by an unaging businessman. This businessman spent centuries nudging them toward a centralized planetary government. When he succeeded in that, he secretly bought off the planet for himself, effectively taking control of the planet and making the government merely a puppet regime. He then spent several more centuries slowly converting Acera into a pleasure planet, as well as changing the planet’s culture so that the tolekis would be perfect workers for such a planet. He kept himself hidden so well that, even to this day, very few people know he owns and runs the planet.

His actions have resulted in a planet where sexual expression of all kinds is encouraged, but all other freedoms are squashed under a dictatorship. This especially applies to the freedoms of those who either disapprove of the sexual expression or simply don’t want to get involved in it; if they aren’t outright imprisoned, they are heavily discriminated against (in such ways as being killed or sold into slavery) while the government officials look the other way (despite speaking out against such things in public). Naturally, many of the people discriminated against in this way have already left, and those that haven’t only stay because they can’t leave for one reason or another. The seedy underbelly of the planet is hidden surprisingly well from outsiders, as many people wouldn’t come and visit if they knew its dark secrets.

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