A small animal with graceful flying abilities that would have earned it a nickname if someone ever bothered to come up with something. The horn on its head absorbs water, nutrients from its food (which varies with subspecies), and oxygen, so it does not need an actual mouth or nose.

Young bauchens are born being able to eat normally, though they can’t hunt down food on their own. The mother will bring them food, which the young will stick their horns into and feed off of.

Despite their similarities, the bauchen are not related to the kalrykkians. There’s a rumor that bauchen DNA is one of the ingredients used to make Petrons. This is probably false but cannot be explicitly confirmed or denied at this point.



Name: Bauchen
Size: Small
Description: There's a picture to the right, although the colors vary with subspecies. This particular one is a sand bauchen.
Nicknames: None
Type: It is most likely some sort of arthropod.
Rarity: Common to Uncommon
Products: Bauchen horns
Personality: Unknown
Location: Jykij

Lifespan: Unknown


  • Agile and fast in the air
  • Used to gravity lighter than that on Earth (or Ornimia)


  • Not very agile or fast on the ground
  • Have less strength and stamina than equivalent creatures from normal (or higher) gravity planets

Lunge – The bauchen flies into its target horn-first. If it hits, the horn will drain nutrients from the target.


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