Despite possibly being the worst shape-shifting doppelganger ever, Doppler manages to consistently get people to confuse it for whoever its mimicking (or at least trying to mimic). Its attitude is about as bad as its mimicry.

Basic Profile

Name: N-D-01
Gender: Neutral
Age: 1
Height: Varies. In its normal form, it’s about average height.
Weight: Varies. In its normal form, it’s about an average weight.

Description: Varies, since Doppler can morph into a doppelganger of anyone. Of course, the doppelganger form often looks nothing like the real person. In its normal form, it looks like a neon-white androgynous person with no distinguishing features whatsoever.

Nicknames: Doppler
Species: Scientific Experiment
Friends: The scientists at A Currently Unknown Science Lab
Enemies: Unknown
Family: All others in the N-D and N-S series
Hobbies: Watching the nightly news, Playing fighting games, Trashing people’s reputations
Love Interest: None
Fighting Style: Duplication

Personality: It acts like a big jerk, especially when it’s in a doppelganger form. It’s also a big freeloader who will take anything for free.

Quirks: Unknown

Wishes: Unknown



Likes: People getting blamed for things they didn’t do
Dislikes: People asking it to turn into sexy people, Losing the remote
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Soda
Favorite Food: Unknown

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Alternate Form Items – Some of Doppler’s alternate forms carry items that Doppler doesn’t carry around in its normal form. These items generally disappear when Doppler changes into another form.

After Project Neon left A Currently Unknown Science Lab, the scientists started to go in another direction with their products. Instead of making weapons, they would start making mimics. They wanted to see if they could make something that could outdo the tolekis in shapeshifting. The scientists obviously haven’t improved any since their first project, however. The thing they created, which they called N-D-01, turned out to be a complete jerk. Furthermore, it never looked anything like the people it mimicked. They started to accept it after it managed to get someone falsely arrested, even though the person was a white woman in a business suit and N-D-01 looked like a tan male with a Mohawk and pajamas. They still don’t like the way it lounges around in the lab and drinks soda while watching the news, though, and they aren’t shy about letting it know that.

The rest of its history involves stuff that hasn't been revealed yet, so I'm not telling what it is.


All Movesets

Other Attacks:
Morph – Doppler can instantly change into a doppelganger of almost anyone, including fictional characters. After morphing in someone, it gains powers and weaknesses that are somewhat similar to that person’s powers and weaknesses. Other people are fooled by the doppelganger form, despite it looking and sounding nothing like the actual person. In the fighting game, Doppler changes back to normal after every move that requires him to morph into another form.

Fighting Game Characters (Normal Moveset)

As the name suggests, everything in this moveset is based on moves (and/or other things) from other fighting game characters. See if you can guess what specific move each one was based on (unless you’re me and/or the move’s description says what it’s based on, in which case you should already know).

Normal Attacks
Mexican Uppercut – Doppler transforms into a Mexican flamenco dancer and performs a crouching uppercut.

Special Attacks:
Pirate Soap – Doppler transforms into a tall pirate with a parrot on its shoulder and shoots a bar of soap resembling a gold bar at the opponent. There are standing and crouching version of this move.

Pirate Soap EX – The parrot also shoots a bar of soap. The parrot shoots the soap at an upward angle in the standing version. but shoots it straight ahead in the crouching version.

Pretendjitsu – Doppler transforms into a female ophion wearing a kimono and holding a fan. It disappears, and copies of it appear in the four corners of the screen. All of the copies are covering their faces with their fans when they first appear, but then they put their fans down and reveal their faces. The real Doppler will have an ophion mask for a face, but the fake Dopplers will have other things for heads (such as laughing clown heads, logs, leaves, or nothing at all). Which copy turns out to be the real Doppler depends on which attack button was used for this move. The fake Dopplers vanish about a second after this move ends. The fact that a kimono would normally suffocate an ophion doesn’t seem to affect Doppler.

Liposuction Grab – Doppler transforms into an anthropomorphic bat with wings on its back instead of as part of its arms. It grabs the opponent and sucks fat out of them through its arm. Despite being a shapeshifter, it stores the fat inside itself for extra protection. This move does damage to the opponent, even though it makes absolutely no sense for it to do so. In a fighting game, this move also drains defense from the opponent and gives it to Doppler. The defense drain effect is temporary and does not stack with itself. If Doppler successfully uses this move while the defense drain effect is still active, the “timer” on the effect resets.

Old Meme – Doppler morphs into some Japanese dude, then punches the ground with its left hand and makes a pillar that look like Longcat come out of the ground in front of it. Doppler shouts the name of this move when it uses it. The pillar sinks back into the ground after this move is over.

Ancient Meme (EX Old Meme) – Doppler punches the ground with its right hand instead of its left. A line of three pillars that look like Longcat come out of the ground in front of Doppler instead of just one pillar. Each pillar (except the last one, obviously) knocks the opponent into the next pillar. Doppler shouts the name of this move when it uses it. The pillars sink back into the ground one at a time (with the ones that came up first sinking back down first) after this move is over.

Special Taunts
Double Clap - In the fighting game, Doppler can only use this taunt at the end of Mexican Uppercut. It stays in the Mexican flamenco dancer form and claps its hands twice (while still in the pose that it ended the uppercut in). If it happens to have a pair of castanets in its uppercutting hand, however, it will clap the castanets instead of its hands. This taunt temporarily increases the attack power of Doppler’s punch button-based attacks.

Super Attacks:
Flame Rebellion – Doppler morphs into a creature that’s a dryad from the waist down and a fire creature from the waist up. The dryad legs cause a bunch of plants to come up from the ground, one of which is a four-leaf clover. Doppler notices the clover, says “Ooh, lucky!”, and crouches down to pick it up. Once it grabs the clover, however, large flames consume the plants (including the clover) and burn the opponent. Doppler lets out a bitter “Naturally” or “Of course” before standing back up again. The flames die out when this move ends, leaving behind the ashes that used to be plants.


Gigantic Frisk – Doppler morphs into a male police officer. Then, Doppler dashes forward with its arm outstretched. If the initial dash hits the opponent, Doppler grabs the opponent and continues dashing to the opposite end of the stage while shouting “Up against the wall, dirtbag!” It then slams the opponent into the end of the stage, causing a pillar of energy to come up from underneath the opponent. Then, Doppler frisks the opponent, causing a pillar of energy to come up from underneath the opponent with each pat. Even though this move involves grabbing the opponent, it is blockable.

Terrible Survey – Doppler morphs into the androgynous female kalrykkian pictured to the right, though the actual version wears pants at the very least. Then, Doppler creates a vacuum that pulls the opponent closer to him. If the opponent touches it before the vacuum goes away, it stabs its hand into them. Its hand gets stuck in the opponent and it struggles to get it free, damaging the opponent as it does so. It does eventually manage to pull its hand out.

Super Taunts:
Insulting Filibuster – Doppler morphs into someone with a cow hat. Then, Doppler gives a long-winded speech about how much the opponent sucks. This shouldn’t be used unless the opponent actually sucks as much as the speech says they do, since it takes a long time to complete and therefore leaves Doppler wide open to attack. It grants a huge boost to all Doppler’s stats for the rest of the round if Doppler can pull off the entire speech without getting hit, though.

Mythical Insult – Doppler morphs into someone with a cow hat. While transformed, all its attacks are replaced by insults directed toward the opponent. The transformation lasts for a period of time or until Doppler gets hit, whichever comes first. If it can get through the duration of the move without getting hit, it will get a stat boost for each insult it used during the move (possibly modified by a multiplier that increases along with the total number of insults used during the move). If it gets hit during the move at all, however, it doesn’t get any stat boosts. Each kind of insult is associated with a different kind of boost.

Normal Match Intro Poses:
Laser Misfire – When the battlefield becomes visible to the player, Doppler has already morphed into an anthropomorphic snapping turtle with two beaks instead of one; it is twisting its finger in one of its three ears (the third one is on its nose), like DIO does in one of his match intro poses in Capcom’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure game. It accidentally starts charging up a laser with its finger. Right before the laser fires, it notices the charging and ducks its head into its shell, narrowly avoiding the laser. The laser fires away from the opponent so it doesn’t hit them before the match starts. Doppler peeks its head out of its shell and morphs back into its normal form right before the match officially starts.

Special Win Poses:
Chest Rip – If Doppler KOs its opponent with Gigantic Frisk on the final round of a match, it will use this win pose instead of any of its normal ones. It stays in the police officer form after the round is over, instead of changing back to normal. It does one of Ultimate Rugal’s win poses (specifically the one where he rips his shirt open), but accidentally rips its chest open in the process. Its still-beating heart may or may not be visible, depending on how that would affect the game’s rating. When it looks down and notices the gaping hole where its chest was, it says “Sonuva…!” and then faint (presumably because of the wound). Its after-match picture for that match will be its police officer form lying on the ground, and its after-match quote will be “…” (since its unconscious and therefore can’t say anything).

# - If Doppler KOs its opponent with Terrible Survey, it uses this win pose instead of any of its normal ones. It stays in the kalrykkian form and performs a pose similar to the one pictured to the right, except cooler and with a neat motion blur effect on its limbs when they move.

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