Drop Bear

When wrestling, this koala likes to attack from up high. She pretty much does the same thing when not wrestling, though that's a misguided attempt at being friendly rather than due to any competitive spirit or hostile intent.


Name: Nichole Vernon
Gender: Female
Age: Around 20
Height: 5’3
Weight: 260 lbs.

Description: She has coarse orange fur with dark mottling. She has mostly trained herself to not have an Australian accent, but it comes back when she’s surprised or angry enough.

Nicknames: Drop Bear
Species: Humanoid Koala
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Zoology (especially cryptid zoology)
Love Interest: Unknown
Fighting Style: Lucha libre
Job: Luchadora

Personality: She’s has no sense of personal space, so she’ll do things like tackle hug or divehug people while greeting them. She ends up unintentionally hurting people this way a lot of the time, even though she doesn’t use her full force. To avoid getting crushed, her friends often make sure to spray on some mint perfume or fake an Australian accent. Yeah…I’m not sure why that last one works.

Quirks: She prefers to eat everything with her hands instead of using utensils. She isn’t a particularly messy eater aside from that, though.

Wishes: Unknown


  • She’s strong, especially in her arms
  • She’s nimble enough to reliably jump on people without them dodging


  • Her tendency to ignore personal space don’t always endear her to people

Likes: Hugs
Dislikes: Eating utensils, Vegemite, Mint flavored anything, Australian accents
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Food: Unknown

Possessions (Buildings not Included):


Nichole Vernon, using the ring name Drop Bear, is a fairly new member of the Earthwide Lucha Libre Association. She has already gained some notoriety for her wide array of aerial techniques.

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