Eyguro Body Suit

Since the eyguros can’t move on their own, they inhabit these special organic body suits so they can move around and such. An eyguros body suit is able to detect the level of gravity around it and alter its strength and levitation force to a level suitable to the gravity. This does not work on planets with extremely high gravity, as the strength and levitation force necessary to function on those planets is greater than what the suit can produce for any length of time.



Name: Eyguro Body Suit
Size: Small-Medium

Description: There's a picture to the right. The egg-thing is the eyguro, and the rest is the suit. It's actually the same image that's on the eyguro page, but it shows what the suit looks like well enough. The larger things at the end of its arms are suction cups, and the smaller things on the underside of the arms are suction pads. The suction cups can be folded when the eyguro needs to properly grab something.

Nicknames: None
Type: Organic body suit
Owner: Various
Availability: Common
Producer: Unknown


  • More expensive models can be somewhat swift
  • Lets the eyguros levitate
  • Automatically compensates for the gravity around it, up to a point


  • Cheaper models aren’t very good at resisting damage
  • Cannot compensate for extremely high gravity

None, really.

Maurigless Wuinslen (and/or her husband) gave these suits to the eyguros in order to make up for their botched medical treatment. The eyguros have since learned how to make their own, though.

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