Name: Fudge
Gender: Male
Age: Less than a year
Height: 0’6
Weight: 4 lbs.

Description: He is a Petron with brown and orange colorings that make him look like a round chunk of chocolate and peanut-butter fudge.

Nicknames: None
Species: Petron 2G
Friends: He is friendly toward all other Petrons and most sapient beings. I don't know who any of his friends are specifically, though.
Enemies: None
Family: Logol-S (Previous master)
Hobbies: Playing, Mimicking fun noises, Going on adventures, Reading and being read written materials for little children, Watching television shows (and movies, and the like) for little children
Love Interest: None. He was fixed.
Fighting Style: None

Personality: He has all of the normal Petron personality traits. Also, he hates being alone (for any length of time) even more than most other Petrons do, as he fears total dejection.

Quirks: He usually licks things instead of kissing them

Normal Petron Strengths (only those under "All Petrons")

Normal Petron Weaknesses (only those under "All Petrons", although he does by his own will all the things normally caused by brain chemicals.)

Likes: He has all of the normal Petron likes.
Dislikes: He has all of the normal Petron dislikes.
Fears: He has all of the normal Petron fears. He is also afraid of total dejection and people (or any other creatures) licking their lips.

Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite Food: Petron treats, especially fudge flavored ones. He also really likes fudge, as well as anything else with chocolate and peanut butter.


Fudge was manufactured in a laboratory like many other Petron 2Gs. The scientists that made him had their glasses off at the time; they therefore thought that Fudge was, in fact, a large chunk of fudge and tried to eat him. At first, he was confused as to why they were licking their lips, but he found out when one of the scientists bit into him…HARD! Ever since then, he has been afraid of people (or any other creatures, for that matter) licking their lips. A while after that, he was sent to a Petron shop, where Logol-S bought him soon after, solely for the purpose of denying rumors that he had a part in the “Turn Everyone into Petrons and Torment Them” fiasco. Logol-S would pretend to love Fudge on camera and throw him into a lonely cage and neglect him off camera. Naturally, this confused the little Petron to no end.

Later, it was reported that someone (Belcron) trashed Florescent Industries and took Fudge. His current location is unknown at this time.

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