Gezlay Yalzeg

Gezlay was a rare three-armed cylmori, although the third arm was fake. It also had an obsession with symmetry.


Name: Gezlay Yalzeg
Gender: Royal (Born Male)
Age: Presumed deceased (He was 38 at the time of his supposed death)
Height: The height of its royal form is unknown. Its original male form was 6’0.
Weight: The weight of its royal form is unknown. Its original male form was about 176 lbs.

Description: Currently unknown, but it had an extra arm on the side that cylmori usually don’t have arms on. Also, all its outfits were completely symmetrical.

Nicknames: Unknown
Species: Cylmori
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Being a shut-in, Web surfing
Love Interest: None
Job: Architect

It was normally very withdrawn and preferred not to leave its house. It was also frustrated and irritable most of the time, especially when the area around him wasn’t symmetrical.

It was obsessed with symmetry, almost to the point that it couldn’t function in non-symmetrical environments.

A part of it wanted more symmetry in the world, while another part just wanted to be normal and likable.



Likes: Mirrors, Symmetry
Dislikes: Asymmetry, Looking at itself in mirrors, Itself (to an extent)
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Non-alcoholic ale (any flavor)
Favorite Food: Anything circle or square shaped with any toppings in the same place on all pieces

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Two Computers – One was for actual use, and the other was just a mirrored version of the first.

Fake Arm – This arm looked and behaves mostly identical to Gezlay’s real side-arm, except it was on the other side. However, the fake arm didn’t have a working stomach.


Gezlay was most likely adopted by members of another species, but I can’t say for certain. If it was, then it was still given the royal jelly that it required during its youth.

I’m not up on all the details, but something happened in Gezlay’s youth that made it hate itself and the way it looked. Gezlay thought it would be worth more if it looked more symmetrical, like the other species. It eventually got another arm added to the previously armless side of its body and even changed its name to a palindrome. This eased its self-hatred a bit, although it still sees itself as a bit uneven (since it is). This self-hatred grew into a hatred of everything non-symmetrical. It had a symmetrical house built for itself and isolated itself within it. It attempted to get counseling, but it couldn’t bring itself to go into the non-symmetrical psychological centers.

For a while, it was able to make a livelihood by designing symmetrical buildings from its house. It also mailed off its royal jelly to those who needed it and bought most of what it needed off the internet. As its issues grew worse, staying in its symmetrical house was no longer enough. It had to try to make the universe symmetrical. Well, maybe not the universe. That was far too big an undertaking for one cylmori, royal or not. However, it could try with Ieparp, its home planet at the time.

First, it abused the royals’ ability to control cylmori transformations to make sure that each side of Ieparb had an equal number of each gender and caste on each side. Next…there was no next, since the other royals intervened before it could go any further. It had recruited some help before it tried making Ieparb symmetrical, so it was harder to stop than anyone was expecting. Nevertheless, it was stopped. The other royals likely had to kill it, though it’s possible they were able to imprison it instead (in which case they would have cut off its access to the hive mind). They returned everyone on Ieparb to what they were before Gezlay started messing with people’s forms.

Not wanting the kind of chaos Gezlay caused to happen again, they forbade any royal from forcibly changing any cylmori’s form from then on unless doing so was necessary to preserve the species. They also forbade royals from changing a cylmori’s form for frivolous reasons even with that cylmori’s consent, though this prohibition isn’t as strong. Even though Gezlay was stopped a long time ago, it is infamous among cylmori to this day, even without counting the cylmori who only know of it because of the hive mind.

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