The gulderos are fish-like aliens who, despite being able to live on land and in water, are not classified as amphibians.


Name: Gulderos
Home Planet: Harzen
Known For: Their hardiness, Their survival skills
General Life Span: Around 130 years
General Height: About the same height as the average human
General Weight: About the same weight as the average human

Description: In general, they resemble deep sea fish. In addition to their mouth, they have four gill slits on each side of their face. They have two fish-like nostrils. Their skin is leathery.

Possible Skin Colors: Various shades of green

Species Type: Fish, even though they can survive on land and in water
Skeletal Type: Vertebrate

Friends (Generally): None
Enemies (Generally): None

Home Planet Info: Harzen used to be a nice place to live. However, someone dropped a planet-wide nuclear bomb on Harzen, changing the planet into a desolate wasteland. Only a few kinds of life remain on the planet.

Spoken Language: Sildebrot
Written Language: Sildebrot
Miscellaneous Language: None


  • They can survive on land and in the water
  • They are immune to radiation, as well as most poisons
  • They have a great sense of smell
  • They can take a lot of punishment
  • They are expert survivalists


  • Their sense of touch is bad

Likes (Generally): Food, Water
Dislikes (Generally): Unknown
Fears (Generally): Unknown

Harzen used to be a hospitable planet with abundant wildlife. The gulderos had a thriving civilization. They hadn’t mastered space travel yet, but they were fairly advanced in other areas. Harzen was hit with a planet-wide nuclear bomb, however, which changed the planet into a desolate wasteland. The bomb didn’t kill off the gulderos, since they were always a hardy species (and because they’re immune to radiation). It made their lives a lot less comfortable, though. They now have to hunt and scavenge for their food and water, and they have to spend more effort to avoid being killed themselves.

Other Info:
Gill Slits – The gill slits on gulderos’ heads allow them to breathe both air and water. While the gulderos could theoretically live underwater, they almost always choose to live on land instead. This is only partially because there isn’t a lot of water left for them to live in.

Nostrils – The gulderos’ nostrils are merely for detecting scents. Gulderos cannot use their nostrils to breathe.

Survival Skills – Gulderos are taught from birth to be expert survivalists, since life on their planet is harsh and requires excellent survival skills.

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