Hegari Kobor

What's a science fiction setting without at least one bounty hunter? Probably not much different, but bounty hunters are pretty common in sci-fi universes. Hegari Kobor happens to be one (a bounty hunter, not a universe).

What, you want me to tell you more? Go read the profile, then. That's what it's there for.

Basic Profile

Name: Hegari Kobor
Gender: Female
Age: 59
Height: 6’0
Weight: Unknown

Description: She is a gruff-looking guldero with dark green skin. She wears an outfit that resembles what a gunslinger would wear in a Western. Her gill slits are wider than those of other gulderos. Her voice is raspy, and she smells of cigar smoke.

Nicknames: Unknown
Species: Guldero
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Smoking cigars
Love Interest: None
Fighting Style: Various weapons
Job: Bounty Hunter

Personality: She is a tough, no-nonsense bounty hunter who doesn’t take any guff from anyone. She is merciless but pragmatic, so she kills everyone she accepts a bounty on as long as doing so won’t reduce her reward. She has no problem killing innocent people if they get in her way, but sees no point in harming them otherwise. She is able to be sympathetic to other people’s plights, though. She is loyal to her friends and family, and will do anything to help them. She is also loyal to her employers, but only until she fulfills the bounties they give her.

Quirks: She is rarely seen without at least one cigar in her mouth. Occasionally, she will have more. Sometimes, she will go so far as to have five cigars in her mouth and five cigars in each of her gill slits. When smoking, she lights her cigar(s) with her flamethrower instead of a cigar lighter. As a guldero, she is immune to the negative effects of tobacco.

Wishes: She wants the rest of her species to have a better life than the one they currently have on Harzen.


  • Usual Guldero Strengths
  • She learns how to use unfamiliar technologies fairly quickly
  • Unlike most gulderos, she knows the Galactic Standard language
  • She has strong force of will
  • She’s fairly strong physically


Likes: Cigars, The thrill of the chase
Dislikes: Cigarettes
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Hyperspace Backpack – Hegari wears this pretty much everywhere. She keeps most of her weapons and survival equipment in it. It contains an entrance to hyperspace, so it holds way more than it would normally be able to. It also allows Hegari to retrieve whichever item she wants without rummaging.

Jet Boots – These boots are a part of Hegari’s normal outfit. They have jets inside them, despite looking like something a cowboy (or cowgirl, in her case) might wear. She only uses the jets when she absolutely needs to, since they can only store a small amount of fuel and she doesn’t want to waste any of it.

Semi-Automatic Pistol – This pistol is Hegari’s favorite weapon. Unlike her other weapons, she keeps this pistol in a holster.

Flamethrower – Hegari most often uses this to light up her cigars, though she sometimes uses it to light up other things as well.

Nukes – These nukes are each as big as Hegari. Unlike most people, she uses them by slamming them into the ground. Hegari is protected from the effects of the nukes due to sheer force of will and her natural resistance to radiation. She rarely uses these nukes, partially because they aren’t cheap and partially because she rarely needs that much destructive power.

Various Other Weapons – Hegari has a variety of other weapons that aren’t listed here. She carries all of them in her backpack.

Small Starship – This starship is fast and agile, but only has room for the pilot and some small items. It has several mounted weapons, in case Hegari gets into a dogfight with one of her targets.

Like all Gulderos, Hegari was born and raised on Harzen. She grew to value pragmatism and survival above almost all else, due to living on a desolate wasteland.

At some point after she became an adult, an alien science vessel landed near her. Seeing her chance to escape Harzen, she waited until one of the aliens inside the vessel came out. She then took the alien hostage, threatening to kill him unless the other aliens took her and her family to a more hospitable planet. They couldn’t understand what she was saying, but they somewhat understood what she meant after she pointed upward a bunch of times. Unfortunately, she was unable to get them to take her family with them.

Soon, she was dropped off on the nearest civilized planet. While there, she learned the Galactic Standard Language so she could communicate with the planet’s citizens. She then applied for citizenship herself, since she saw herself staying for a while. She eventually got tired of whatever dead-end job she was doing and became a bounty hunter. Before taking her first bounty, she purchased some weapons, a hyperspace backpack, and a special bounty hunting outfit. She also picked up cigar smoking in order to sell her toughness to prospective clients.

Over time, she became known for her efficiency and ruthlessness. Once she made enough money, she bought a small starship so she could chase targets off the planet. She never forgot about her family or the rest of the gulderos, though. After becoming a bounty hunter, she slowly saved up for a large civilian transport ship (and the crew necessary to pilot it) so she could rescue her entire species in a few trips.

She eventually managed to buy a ginormous civilian transport ship and hire a full crew for it. Someone destroyed it before she was ever able to use it, however. This devastated her, since she worked so hard to obtain it. At that point, she decided to wait at the closest starship dock and hijack the next civilian transport vessel she saw. She didn’t do that before because she didn’t want to draw the attention of law enforcement (or at least any more than usual). However, saving up for another civilian transport ship would take a long time, and she was tired of waiting to save her species.

What she did next involves stuff that hasn't been revealed yet, so I'm keeping it secret for now.

Special Info:
In the fighting game, she has slow movement speed. This is merely to balance her above average physical strength and high defense. She does not have slow movement speed storyline-wise.


All Movesets

Normal Win Poses:
Chain Smoking – She puts a bunch of cigars in her mouth and gill slits, lights them all with her flamethrower, and smokes them.

Weaponry (Normal Moveset)

Special Attacks:
Jet Dropkick – Hegari does a dropkick. While she is still in the middle of the dropkick, she activates her jet boots for a split second, causing her to move backward and burning her opponent with the jet flames. She can use this move while on the ground or in the air; the ground version is a standing dropkick (with the boots sending her straight back), while the air version is a diving dropkick (with the boots sending her back at an upward angle).

Super Attacks:
Jet Dropsault – Hegari attempts a dropsault. If the initial kick misses or is blocked, this move acts as a normal dropkick. If the initial kick hits, she performs a backflip out of the kick. While in the middle of the backflip, she activates her jet boots and charges into the opponent.

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