The kalrykkians look like some sort of quadrupedal dragonflies, or grasshoppers, or something. They seem to know more about flight than most other sapient species, which isn't surprising since they have wings and can fly.


Name: Kalrykkians
Home Planet: Jykij
Known For: Aircraft designs
General Life Span: Around 112 years
General Height: Taller than average human height. Males are slightly smaller than females.
General Weight: Less than the average human weight, especially for their height. Males are slightly lighter than females.

Picture: To the right, there is an image of a female kalrykkian. The horns are not a feature common to all members of the species; they are a unique feature of some individuals. The males look similar (aside from their less extravagant wings, their more colorful bodies, and their two extra arms), so there isn’t a separate image of a male kalrykkian.


Description: A humanoid-insect like species with four fuzzy legs and two dragonfly-like wings. The males also have four fuzzy arms, while the females have two fuzzy arms. Males have brighter patterns on their bodies than females, while females have more extravagant wings than males. Their rather large mouths, which are more capable of expression than they look, are jagged (jack-o-lantern like). Their eyes have diamond-shaped pupils and are placed on the sides of their heads. Their brains are in a different location, so they can survive for a while with their heads chopped off. Likewise, their nose is somewhere else instead of on their face.

Possible Skin/Wing Colors: Too many to list. Males tend to have dull wings and beautifully colored bodies, while females tend to have beautifully colored wings and dull bodies.

Species Type: Arthropod
Skeletal Type: Exoskeleton

Friends (Generally): Unknown
Enemies (Generally): Unknown

Home Planet Info: Jykij has lighter gravity than most planets. That’s about all I know right now.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard (Others unknown at this point)
Written Language: Galactic Standard (Others unknown at this point)
Miscellaneous Language: None


  • Fast when flying
  • Used to gravity lighter than that on Earth (or Ornimia)
  • They can survive for a bit with their head chopped off
  • Have extra stability due to the extra legs
  • They have a wide range of vision


  • Their hands aren’t as dexterous as human hands
  • They’re somewhat vulnerable after molting
  • Generally have less strength and stamina than species from normal (or higher) gravity worlds
  • They can’t see directly in front of their face
  • Most of their range of vision is monocular

Likes (Generally): Unknown
Dislikes (Generally): Unknown
Fears (Generally): Unknown

There was a time where a lot of the kalrykkian nations were extremely matriarchal. Most of them have gotten more egalitarian as time passed, though.

Other Info:
Birth – Female kalrykkians barf up their eggs when birthing. Their necks dilate while they give birth, so it is possible for the eggs to get through. Obviously, their necks go back to normal afterwards.

Hands – Kalrykkian hands may not be as dexterous as human hands, but they’re still quite capable of picking up and handling most things that humans can. They may have a little bit of trouble with very small things, though.

Mouth Mandibles – Kalrykkians have some mandibles inside their mouths. The mandibles pierce any food inside of the kalrykkian’s mouth and liquefy it to make it easier to swallow. They won’t digest the kalrykkian if the kalrykkian accidentally pierces the inside of their mouth, but it will still hurt. The mandibles tend to keep to the walls of the mouth when not in use. These mandibles may take the place of the kalrykkian’s tongue and perform all the functions that a tongue would normally perform.

Arm Strength – While the males have more arms than the females do, the individual arms of a female tend to be stronger than the individual arms of a male.

Molting – In order to grow, young kalrykkians must occasionally shed their exoskeleton. The new exoskeleton is soft for a little while but eventually hardens and becomes like the old one. Most of the time, they don't molt in public. Many of them are (or at least have parents that are) more cautious during the period that their exoskeleton is soft, and a few even go as far as to stay indoors until it hardens and becomes like the old exoskeleton. The vast majority of kalrykkians stop molting once they reach adulthood.

Modesty – Among kalrykkians, it is usually considered immodest for female kalrykkians to show off their wings. It is also considered immodest for male kalrykkians to show off their torsos.

Kalrykkians and Normal Gravity – Due to the low gravity of Jykij, kalrykkian muscles don’t usually have to work as hard as the muscles of species from normal (or higher) gravity worlds. Therefore, kalrykkians tend to have less strength and stamina than these other species. This is fine on low gravity worlds, but kalrykkians who travel to planets with normal gravity will be weaker and tire more easily than the natives of that planet. If they live on a normal gravity planet for a long period of time, their muscles will (at least theoretically) strengthen due to the increased gravity. If a kalrykkian whose muscles have strengthened due to living on a higher gravity planet moves back to Jykij (or another low gravity planet), their muscles will eventually return to their normal strength.

Due to a variety of factors, they can still fly in normal gravity. Standing and walking are also possible for them, due to their four legs and low weight. Their exoskeletons still protect reasonably well against damage in normal gravity, though they will need to be extra careful after molting.

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