As far as I know, this is the only plant life that lives on Narlom. It mainly serves as another food source for the olgars, in case they don’t get any bacteria. The kengee gets its nutrients from heat (and maybe from the liquid ice as well). Just like the olgars, they glow due to the heat that they give off.


Name: Kengee
Size: Small by itself, but can get rather large when grouped with other kengee.
Description: It’s some weird kind of algae.
Nicknames: None
Type: Algae
Rarity: Uncommon to Common
Products: Unknown
Location: The surface of the liquid ice on Narlom

Lifespan: 1 to 2 years, I guess


  • Can survive extremely hot temperatures
  • Can survive the pressure that the planet/atmosphere/whatever puts on them
  • Doesn’t need normal water to live
  • Can float above the hot ice


  • Immobile, like most plants
  • Cannot survive in cold places
  • Its glow gives its location away in dark areas.


Currently unknown

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