Krajjinav Dernaskey

Krajjinav (known mostly as Jina) is a nice Kalrykkian lady who wears blue a lot, dislikes change, and happens to have experience with handling dead people.


Name: Krajjina Dernaskey
Gender: Female
Age: Around 31
Height: Around 7’1
Weight: About 135 to 150 lbs.

Description: She's white and black with red eyes, like a flesh fly. Unlike a flesh fly, her wings are also various shades of red. Parts of her top jaw extend past her bottom jaw, making her look like she has stylets like those of a flesh fly. She likes to wear an ensemble (complete with wing covers) that consists of various shades of blue.

Nicknames: Jina
Species: Kalrykkian
Friends: Clygon, Noryon, Tauver
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Taxidermy, Playing the type of violent video games people keep trying to ban (particularly retro ones)
Love Interest: None. She tends to not get involved in romantic relationships, though whether this is because she’s not interested or because she hasn’t found the right person yet is unknown.
Fighting Style: Unknown

Job: She’s a doctor/mortician who sometimes appears in Noryon and Tauver’s Let’s Play show, though the latter is more of a hobby that he happens to make a little bit of money at than a real job.

Personality: She’s quite friendly and nice in a motherly way. Despite this, her various eccentricities often creep people out. She dislikes change, so it’s harder for her to get out of her comfort zone than it is for most people. She’s modest, though not nearly as much as Tauver.

When she's focusing on something, she turns her head so one of her eyes is facing it straight on. If she's really focusing on the thing, that eye will bulge out.

She usually (but not always) wears the exact same outfit until it gets dirty, not caring that no one else wants to see the same outfit day after day. This outfit tends to be blue, since she thinks it brings out the red in her eyes.

Wishes: She would like people to stop seeing her as a creepy bug lady. She’d rather be known as a normal bug lady, or at least an eccentric bug lady. She has thought about moving to a place where she wouldn’t be considered as creepy. Given what she thinks of uprooting herself and settling down in an unfamiliar house (and city), she would rather not do this unless necessary. It may become necessary if her practice starts losing patients or something, though.



Likes: The color blue, Meeting new people, Surgery
Dislikes: Change (up to a point; she can still function in everyday life)
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Unknown
Favorite Food: Some weird larvae

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Blue Kalrykkian Wing Covers – She likes to wear these to cover up her wings. This is partly because she doesn’t like showing off her wings to everyone and partly because she likes to wear as much blue as possible.

Currently unknown

She cut open animals to see what was inside when she was little, though only after they were already dead. Despite her parents' worries, she didn't turn out to be a serial killer, though she did end up being a bit odd and/or creepy.

While she graduated to cutting open people, she does so for benevolent reasons instead of disturbing ones. Specifically, she wanted to become a doctor. I’m not yet sure what kind of doctor she is yet, except it’s one of those types that do a decent amount of surgery. She was nervous about medical school at first, as she always is about adding something new to her routine. She may have gotten over that on her own, but a psychiatry student, Noryon, helped her do so much faster. He had this strange way of making school life easier to get used to. Maybe it was just because he was eager to talk to her about her worries, or maybe it was the way he dragged her into various school activities (never literally, since he’s so much smaller than she is it wouldn’t be feasible). Either way, she wouldn’t have had as good a time with school without him.

She eventually set up her own practice, after medical school and those required internships or whatever. Many people wouldn’t go to her practice unless they couldn’t go anywhere else, though; she had a reputation as being weird and disturbing, and they weren’t going to trust their bodies to someone like that. Enough people went to prevent the practice from going under, but only after she started offering mortician services.

One day, Noryon invited her to meet a patient of his. His patient, a yarin named Tauver Iezovant, had a hard time dealing with females, so he thought meeting a super nice one would help. Plus, female kalrykkians like Jina are masculine enough in yarin terms that talking to one would (theoretically, anyway) be almost like talking to another guy for Tauver. Presumably unintentional insult inside, she was always glad to meet someone new. It turned out to be two new people in this case, since Noryon’s brother was there as well. She became friends with both in time, though it was a while before Tauver could even talk to her properly. Since then, she has been getting gifts without a name or return address each year on her birthday. They contain self-defense tools and the occasional weapon rather than anything harmful, but not knowing who’s sending these gifts is starting to freak her out a tad.

Noryon and Tauver (and occasionally Noryon’s brother) were recording some sort of show involving an old fighting game during one of the times she visited. She wasn’t interested at first, but then one of the characters caused the other character to explode into, among other things, three ribcages and five legs. And no, the character didn’t have three torsos and five legs before then. After she stopped laughing at the absurdity of it, she became an instant ironic fan and had to try it out for herself. This led her to try other games to see how accurate (or hilariously inaccurate) their gratuitous violence is. She now appears on Noryon’s show occasionally, partly for the extra money and partly because she like playing those kinds of games with her friends (and handily beating them).

Special Info:
No, she doesn’t kill animals just to stuff them.

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