Lightning Rod

The Lightning Rod, as her nickname suggests, wields considerable lightning based power. She also has at least one other power that I'm going to make you read the profile to learn about.

She also has a tendency to look like she's a public flasher, even though she never shows anything inappropriate.

Basic Profile

Name: Cecilia Rodriguez
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: Around 7’5 normally, around 14’10 when fully extended
Weight: Around 480 lbs.

Description: She’s a yellow humanoid centipede with long antennae and no eyes. She sometimes leaves a trail of luminescent fluid behind her as she moves. She’s usually wearing a trench coat.

Nicknames: Lightning Rod, The Flasher
Species: Humanoid Centipede (specifically Geophilus electricus)
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Collecting trench coats
Love Interest: Unknown
Fighting Style: Lightning, as well as piercing arms

Personality: She either doesn't realize or doesn’t care how people see her. If she did, she probably would try harder to not look like she’s flashing people when she opens her trench coat to stab opponents.

Quirks: Her mannerisms may be a bit disturbing.

Wishes: Unknown


  • She is able to levitate
  • Able to change the size of her arms at will
  • Not hurt by electricity
  • She can detect scents and vibrations with her antennae
  • She has a lot of arms and legs
  • She is very stable when she isn’t levitating
  • Her body is very flexible
  • She is able to burrow into the ground
  • She can walk backwards as fast as she can walk forward


  • She has no actual sight, aside from being able to distinguish between light and darkness
  • It’s not easy for her to pick things up
  • She can’t jump very high, at least without using her levitation
  • The luminescent fluid she sometimes leaves behind can help other people track her down
  • She moves somewhat slowly when not levitating
  • She randomly gets severe pain attacks in her chest and sides

Likes: Bridges
Dislikes: Rats
Fears: Unknown

Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Food: Earthworms

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Collection of trench coats

Cecilia used to be a normal centipede. I won't go into the specifics on that right now, since it involves stuff I haven't revealed yet.

She eventually learned how to live a normal life, or at least as normal a life an anthropomorphic centipede can live. However, she started having pains in her chest and sides due to other stuff I haven't revealed yet. They started off minor, but got worse and worse over time. She went to every doctor she could find and asked what was wrong with her (usually by going up to them and opening her coat), but none of them knew what caused the pain attacks or how to stop them.

With all her other options gone (and after yet more stuff I haven't revealed yet), she went to Maddox Relmsfarn’s practice. He’s way too shady to go to normally, but she was desperate enough to give him a try. He couldn’t cure her, though.

The rest of her backstory involves even more stuff I haven't revealed yet, so I won't tell it to you until later.

Special Info:
She’s not showing anything when she “flashes” people with her trench coat.

She “sees” with her antennae. This antennae “vision” isn’t really sight, though. It’s more accurate to say that she detects scents and vibrations with her antennae. Even though she has no eyes, she can still discern between light and darkness.

She can use lightning-summoning attacks even when she’s indoors.


All Movesets

Special Attacks:
Poison Bite – Like all centipedes, Lightning Rod has poisonous fangs (or two arms that are modified to be poisonous fangs, if you want to be technical) that she can use to bite opponents. She rarely uses them against living targets, as she’d rather use her other attacks.

Super Attacks:
One Hundred Stabs – Lightning Rod holds an opponent, and then repeatedly stabs them with her arms. If she’s wearing a trench coat, she holds it open with one or two of her arms. This makes it look like the other arms are coming from the trench coat.

Normal Win Poses:
Chest Pain – Lightning Rod clutches her chest in pain.

Side Pain – Lightning Rod clutches one of her sides in pain.

Lightning (Normal Moveset)

Normal Attacks:
Lightning Discharge – Lightning Rod stabs an opponent with a large arm, and then sends an electrical discharge through it to the opponent. The opponent is sent flying at the end of this.

Special Attacks:
Teleport Flash – Lightning Rod disappears and then reappears somewhere else with a flash of light.

Teleport Lightning (EX Teleport Flash) – Lightning Rod disappears and then reappears somewhere else with a flash of lightning. The lightning can damage anyone that’s near her when she reappears.

Lightning Flash – Lightning Rod causes a bright flash, blinding nearby people. This may or may not be done by opening her trench coat. This move does no damage and leaves her open if it’s blocked (or dodged), but it hits everywhere in front of her and stuns the opponent if they get hit by it. This move can only stun an opponent once in the same combo; any subsequent uses in the same combo will do damage instead.

Lightning Shockwave – Lightning Rod allows lightning to hit one of her arms, and then slings the lightning across the ground.

Lightning Blast – Lightning Rod allows lightning to hit some of her arms, and then shoots the lightning as a blast.

Lightning Strike – Lightning Rod somehow causes lightning to fall to the ground. She makes a really cool downward motion with her hands when she does this. Where the lightning hits depends on the strength of the attack button used for this move.

Currently Unknown Second Moveset

Special Attacks:
Burrow – Lightning Rod burrows into the ground, and then comes out of the ground at another location.

EX Burrow – Lightning Rod burrows into the ground, and then does a rising attack out of the ground at another location.

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