Logol-V managed to be even more insane and depraved than his brother, Logol-S. He's gone now, so you don't have to worry about him.


Name: Logol-V
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased (He was around 30 or 40, but he appeared older)
Height: 4’11
Weight: 105 to 110 lbs.

Description: Logol-V had a red robe with several tentacle-legs under it, and a weird, gray mask that gave people the creeps but somehow didn’t interfere with his ability to represent Florescent Industries. His actual face would probably scare people to death, although few people (if any) ever saw it. He was short for a pen-phormen.

Nicknames: Unknown
Species: Pen-Phormen
Friends: None
Enemies: Pretty much everyone who’s met him
Family: Logol-S (Brother), Belcron (Creation), Rohm (Creation)
Hobbies: Experimentation (usually on unwilling subjects)
Love Interest: None
Fighting Style: Probably none

Job: He used to be the owner of Florescent Industries. He was also a scientist, tending to focus on the mechanical variety of sciences.

Personality: He was insane, cruel, and evil. He did anything in pursuit of scientific knowledge, but he also tended to do unnecessary experiments just because they caused pain to others. Unlike Logol-S, he had a maniacal yet charismatic nature to him.

Quirks: Unknown

Wishes: His motives may have been noble once, but his motives lost whatever nobility they had later in his life.



Liked: Machines, People being unhappy, The supernatural
Disliked: Unknown
Feared: People finding out about his true nature

Favorite Drink: Unknown
Favorite Food: N/A

Possessions (Buildings not Included):
Short-Range Climate Changer

He didn't have that much in the way of special attacks.

Logol-V tried to enslave two of his robots by installing inhibitor chips in them during their creation. He first created Rohm, who then pretended to be controlled by its inhibitor chip. Even though Logol-V didn’t have as much power over Rohm as he thought, he would still be alive if he hadn’t tried to enslave a second robot. Belcron made it clear it would take much more than a piece of hardware to subjugate it. It convinced Logol-S to kill him in order to get control of Fluorescent Industries. Logol-S needed surprisingly little convincing. He wasn’t the only one who wanted Logol-V dead. Most people who knew him are glad that he’s gone.

Special Info:
He probably got his wealth from selling merchandise and getting grants from people who didn’t know what he was up to. The fact that he didn’t spend his money too lavishly helped.

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