Minwic Stealth System

This is an experimental ship component that, in addition to cloaking the ship in order to make it invisible, is supposed to make spaceships undetectable by heat sensors. It supposedly does this by redirecting the heat given off by the ship inward. Since both olgar ships and olgar passengers can handle extremely high temperatures, they apparently won’t be roasted by this. Other ships and passengers won’t be able to endure the amount of heat redirected inward, however. Also, it hasn’t been tested enough to determine whether it actually works.


Name: Minwic Stealth System
Size: Small to Large, depending on ship size
Description: Unknown
Nicknames: None
Type: Spaceship Component
Owner: Various
Availability: Rare to Uncommon
Producer: Unknown


  • Is apparently able to make a ship undetectable to heat sensors
  • Makes the ship invisible to normal sight like other stealth systems


  • Can only be safely used with olgar ships and olgar passengers
  • It hasn’t really been tested yet


Currently unknown

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