The olgars live on a very hot ice giant. Also, the atmosphere is a bit thicker than most. There isn’t much in the way of land, though, aside from the floating islands of scum. There also isn’t any oxygen. That's a good thing, since oxygen is toxic to olgars.

Narlom is very large and has several moons, since ice giants tend to be large and have several moons for some reason. It rotates somewhat faster than terrestrial planets, so its days are slightly shorter than normal. This may cause barely noticeable bands of wind on the planet going from east to west. Narlom also has a planetary ring system, but it’s barely noticeable.

Since there isn’t much in the way of solid things on Narlom, the olgars’ structures and technology are made from more fluid substances. I’m not sure how they manage this, but it may have something to do with some of the metallic substances and/or diamonds present on the planet.


Name: Narlom
Home of: Olgars

Gravity: It’s heavy, and it gets heavier as you get closer to the core.
Climate: The planet is extremely hot (probably around 5,000 Kelvin where the olgars live). Below the atmosphere, hot liquid ice covers almost the entire planet. The liquid ice is where the olgars (and the bacteria) live. This liquid ice reaches pretty far into the planet, but doesn’t reach into the core. On a side note, the extreme heat makes heat-seeking missiles absolutely useless here.

Other than the various bacteria and the olgars, I’m not sure that anything else even lives there.

Kengee - This is an algae-like plant that feeds on heat and/or gets its water from the hot liquid ice. The olgars sometimes eat it.

Locations Inside:
Heat Protection Suit Satellite – This isn’t really on Narlom as much as it is around it. This is where people can either rent or buy heat protection suits in order to go onto the planet. The suits that the olgars sell might be a bit more liquid than the usual ones (even though I'm not sure how that would work), and they also protect against the pressure on the planet more than the usual ones do.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard? (Others Unknown at this Point)
Written Language: Galactic Standard? (Others Unknown at this Point)
Miscellaneous Language: Unknown


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