The ophions are a gelatinous species. They are most famous for the way their facial features are arranged.



Name: Ophions
Home Planet: Cios
Known For: Their faces, Masks, Being similar to gelatin
General Life Span: Around 105 years
General Height: Shorter than the average human
General Weight: About the same weight as the average human

Description: There is a picture of one to the right. That particular ophion, Zerimel Drotea, is wearing a mask; her real face (during one of the few times it looks anything like a normal ophion face) is shown in the upper-right corner of the picture. Ophions resemble a cross between brachiolaria and the larvae of brittle stars. They have the consistency and feel of gelatin. When dealing with other sapient species, they generally cover their heads with masks so their faces don’t disturb anyone.

Possible Skin Colors: Various shades of white and blue

Species Type: Echinoderm, even though they live on land
Skeletal Type: Invertebrate

Friends (Generally): Unknown
Enemies (Generally): Unknown

Home Planet Info: There is a lot of water on Cios. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of information on this planet.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard and Bilbish
Written Language: Galactic Standard and Bilbish
Miscellaneous Language: None


  • They have extra stability due to their extra legs
  • They have no vital organs to attack
  • They can “see” using vibrations
  • They can’t easily be suffocated by other people


  • They have a hard time picking things up with their tentacles
  • They have no sense of smell
  • They can’t wear a lot of clothing without suffocating

Likes (Generally): Water, Stars
Dislikes (Generally): Salt
Fears (Generally): Unknown

Currently unknown

Other Info:
Senses – Ophions can see using their eyes, but most of them view their eyes as a secondary sense that they can do without. They mainly see using vibrations, which they can feel using any part of their body.

Defense Mechanisms – The ophions’ horn-shaped protrusions and unusual facial arrangement were originally meant to scare off predators. While they no longer have to worry too much about predators, they can still use those features to intimidate members of other species.

Breathing – Ophions breathe through their skin. While they can wear some clothing and still breathe fine, covering up too much of their body will cause them to suffocate.

Reproduction – In addition to sexual reproduction, ophions can also reproduce by budding. They don’t normally do so, however, since they don’t want their species to lose its genetic diversity.

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