Orbiter Arm

At first glance, this looks like your average robotic arm. However, the owner can make the arm detach itself from the owner’s shoulder and move around. It can only move in a limited radius around the owner, though, but it can be used normally even while it’s not attached to the owner. This arm levitation ability is normally the only feature that comes with the Orbiter Arm, but it can be outfitted with other upgrades if the owner so desires.


Name: Orbiter Arm
Size: Varies, but is usually medium.
Description: It’s a cybernetic arm. There is a separate version for each species.
Nicknames: None
Type: Robotic Arm
Owner: Various
Availability: Uncommon
Producer: Unknown


  • Can detach from the owner and move around the user
  • Stronger against fire and ice than most arms are
  • May be a tad stronger and more durable than other arms


  • The arm’s movement is limited to a certain radius
  • Weaker to electricity than most arms are
  • Can be disabled, although it’s hard to do so


Special Info:
The Orbiter Arm doesn’t see much use as a replacement for a cylmori’s side arm, due to the fact that their side arm doubles as a mouth (and it’s hard for a mouth to work properly when it’s not connected to the body). They sometimes use it as a replacement for their front arm or as a second side arm, although the latter is only slightly more common than using it as a replacement for a side arm.

Currently unknown

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