Petro Corporation

This is the most well-known and biggest place where Petron utilities are made. In fact, it was the only place that made Petron utilities when it first started. It isn't the first to do so, however; that distinction goes to Florescent Industries, even though it no longer makes anything Petron-related (unless you count Petron Mind Readers).


Name: Petro Corporation
General Location: Unknown

Associated Rooms:
Petron Testing Room – This is where new products are tested on Petrons. This is done to see how much the Petrons like said product. If they all hate it, it probably won’t be released to the public.

Petron Living Area – This is where the Petrons live when not being tested on. The room is roomy enough for the number of Petrons living in it, and the amenities within are good without being extravagant. The Petro Corporation owners figure that happy Petrons are better for testing stuff on than miserable ones.

Break Room – This is where the employees go for lunch breaks. Even robots go here on their time off, but don't actually eat lunch here.

Bathroom – This is where the employees go when they need to go to the bathroom (assuming they're not robots or something). It’s close to the break room.

Factory Area – This is where the Petron-related stuff is made.

Notable Objects:

Stuff Produced:

Associated Beings:
Petro Corporation Staff
Petrons (To test the stuff on)

This company was started after Logol-S’s planet wide Petron experiment, when the ability to produce all Florescent Industries’ Petron-related stuff (or most of it, if you count Petron Mind Readers) was released to the public. The founder of this company acquired the rights to produce this stuff (except for the needlessly cruel things) and went to business for themselves, possibly upgrading it.

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