Porvolg is one of those star-system sized creatures that is somehow able to survive despite being too large to live on any planets. Unlike most of the other similarly-sized creatures, he doesn't wish to eat or destroy planets. He would rather lick them. Considering the size of his tongues, though, that might do only slightly less damage to the planet.


Name: Porvolg
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown. He is very large, though.
Weight: Unknown. He weighs a lot, though.

Description: He’s some sort of caramel-colored xoranian mutant with mouths where his head tentacles would normally be, as well as another mouth on his face. Each mouth contains a large, silver-colored tongue that has a mouth of its own. Inside each tongue’s mouth are several smaller, silver-colored tongues. Instead of fingers and toes, he has smaller mouths that contain one silver-colored tongue each. These particular silver-colored tongues act as his fingers and toes.

Nicknames: The Licker of Worlds
Species: Mutant Molothon Xoranian
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: None
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Licking planets and other celestial objects
Love Interest: None
Fighting Style: His tongues and brute force

Personality: He’s clueless about life other than himself. He neglects to check if the world he’s about to lick is inhabited, and he doesn’t get why sapient beings don’t want their planets being licked by a massive creature. He sometimes lets his emotions control his actions. He will leave an inhabited planet alone if he is asked nicely enough; however, he will become enraged and destroy the planet if any of the planet’s inhabitants attack or otherwise antagonize him. He is surprisingly hyperactive for a creature of his size and power.

Wishes: To taste as many planets as he can

Quirks: Unknown


  • Usual Molothon Xoranian Strengths (Ignore the ones marked Corothin)
  • He has tough, flexible tongues
  • Most normal weapons are too small to hurt him effectively
  • He is immune to temperature extremes and the effects of space
  • He doesn't need to eat or sleep
  • He is extremely strong physically
  • He can move around in space
  • He is quite fast for his size


  • Usual Molothon Xoranian Weaknesses (Ignore the ones marked Corothin)
  • He is very large, so he is very easy to hit
  • While not necessarily stupid, he is ignorant about certain subjects

Likes: The taste of planets
Dislikes: Meteors hitting him in the face
Fears: His tongues being cut off

Favorite Drink: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown

Possessions (Buildings not Included):

Celestial Bludgeon – Porvolg grabs a nearby celestial object and smashes it into the target. The celestial object can be anything up to the size of a gas giant, since anything of that size or larger is made of gas and therefore hard to pick up.

Core Grab – Porvolg punches through a planet, grabs its inner core, and then brings his arm back out. He can then use the core as a weapon if he so desires. The punch leaves a massive hole in the planet. The other effects of this move on the planet are unknown (at least to me), but they can’t be good.

Core Punch - Porvolg punches through a planet and then brings his arm back out without grabbing the inner core. This causes the magma inside of the planet to leak or erupt from the massive hole he made by punching the planet.

Planet Tear – Porvolg grabs a planet with both hands and then pulls the planet in half. This basically destroys the planet and everything on it.

Currently unknown

Special Info:
Porvolg won’t use any of his world-destroying attacks unless he’s angry enough at someone to destroy their planet. He will lick the inside of a planet he has just destroyed, though.

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