The prchmoids are a somewhat monstrous-looking species with a body that isn't suitable for using most non-prchmoid contraptions. They aren't any moodier than any other species, though.



Name: Prchmoids
Home Planet: Perajil
Known For: Being partly made of plasma, Their unusual body type
General Life Span: Around 120 years
General Height: They’re slightly taller than average human height, but they’re longer than most other species.
General Weight: They're heavier than average human weight.

Description: There’s a picture of one to the right. Even though it’s sort of hard to tell in this picture, the purple stuff is supposed to be plasma. The black spots on the worm-part are extra mouths, the green triangles are eyes, and the blue triangles are like eyelashes.

Possible Skin Colors: Their colors tend to be somewhat dull, but they still have a wide range of colors.

Species Type: Arthropod?
Skeletal Type: Unknown (Probably Exoskeleton)

Friends (Generally): Unknown
Enemies (Generally): Unknown

Home Planet Info: Plasma storms tend to be rather common on Perajil.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard (Others unknown at this point)
Written Language: Galactic Standard (Others unknown at this point)
Miscellaneous Language: Unknown


  • Extra legs and tails give them extra stability
  • They have several extra heads, even though the heads aren’t similar
  • They have ten eyes on each of their three outer sections, giving them great depth perception and a wide range of vision
  • They have a whole bunch of arms
  • They don’t need normal food


  • Can’t use many things designed for bipedal species
  • They’re not all that fast
  • It’s not easy for them to pick things up
  • They can’t jump very high
  • They need to eat plasma
  • They have a hard time seeing directly in front of their faces

Likes (Generally): Unknown
Dislikes (Generally): People crawling under them, People thinking of them as monsters, Not being able to use things most other species can use

Fears (Generally): Unknown

Currently unknown

Other Info:
Organs & Body Parts – Prchmoids have a set of most organs for each section of their body. The only exception is their brain, which they only have in the center section.

Bottom of the Center Section – It’s considered rude to crawl under a prchmoid’s center section and look at it. I’m not going to say what’s under there, but you can probably figure it out. They do try to cover that area up, though, so that people don’t see it.

Children – When a prchmoid is first born, it only has small versions of the center and front sections. The child will eventually go into a cocoon. After a while, it will emerge from the cocoon as its adult self.

Plasma – A lot of their insides are made out of plasma (the fourth state of matter). I’m not sure how this affects them, though.

Eating – Prchmoids eat by drawing in plasma from the environment via their mouth parts. They then condense it to gas, feeding off the high temperatures generated by the condensation and using the ions for some purpose.

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