This clever creature has learned how to mimic ophions by arranging its mouth tentacles in a certain way. This disguise is convincing at first glance, as long as you don’t look at its bottom half. Its ability to mimic ophion body language certainly helps it blend in.

Pseudophions are well known to anyone familiar with Cios’s fauna. They are the source of many legends and myths revolving around ophions with way more legs than most. People who are also familiar with Earth’s fauna sometimes call them sea centaurs, due to their resemblance to sea pigs and centaurs.


Name: Pseudophion
Size: Medium

Description: It looks like a sea pig, except larger and with mouth tentacles that can resemble the top half of an ophion if arranged in the right way. It’s soft and squishy.

Nicknames: Sea Centaur (despite being neither sea dwelling nor part bull)
Type: Echinoderm, though it lives on land
Rarity: Uncommon
Products: Unknown
Personality: It’s intelligent enough for some people to mistake it for being sapient.
Location: Cios

Lifespan: Around 75 years


  • It’s intelligent for a non-sapient creature
  • It has a great sense of smell


  • It’s easy to hurt, due to how soft and squishy it is
  • It doesn’t have functional eyes



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