Quodela has some huge oceans which cover most of the planet. There are some (usually sandy) continents, although the nleej rarely spend time on them.


Name: Quodela
Home of: Nleej

Gravity: Normal
Climate: It varies greatly depending on the location. A lot of the differences revolve around the temperature and how rough the waters can be, but there are different weather patterns as well.

Ligmises - These are shrimp-like carnivores that are well known for their ferocity in battle.


Locations Inside:
Ocean Suit Stores – The place where people can either rent or buy various things in order to go into Quodela’s oceans without drowning or being crushed (or both).

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard (Others Unknown at this Point)
Written Language: Galactic Standard (Others Unknown at this Point)

Miscellaneous Language: The nleej’s hues reflect how well or badly they’re feeling at the moment. The lighter the hue, the better they’re feeling. This doesn’t show exactly what they’re feeling, though. Some of the non-nleej that live on the planet can understand this, but can’t use it.


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