Smart Watch

Someone got tired of having to manually change the time on their watch every time they traveled a great distance, so they made this. This special watch knows what time zone you’re currently in and changes its time to match. Time zone information for other planets can also be downloaded to the watch, so it doesn’t only work on the user’s home planet. The user still has to manually select which planet they’re on whenever they change planets. The Smart Watch comes in both wrist-watch and pocket-watch varieties.


Name: Smart Watch
Size: Small
Description: It’s basically a hi-tech watch.
Nicknames: Unknown
Type: Watch
Owner: Various
Availability: Uncommon to Common
Producer: Unknown


  • Automatically changes time to match the user’s current time zone
  • Can hold time zone information for multiple planets
  • The wrist-watch variety has one of those expandable wrist-bands, making it one size fits all


  • Must be reconfigured every time the user goes on a new planet
  • The automatic time-zone changing doesn’t matter much in space
  • The wrist-watch variety is hard to use for those without arms (like the grius)
  • It is made redundant by a function common to all cellular spheres


Smart Watches used to be a lot more popular before the advent of cellular spheres, which by default automatically change their clocks to the one most appropriate for the user’s current location. Now, people only wear them to look fancy.

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