Society Against The Abuse Of Natural Wildlife

This is one of those radical environmentalist groups who wish to protect animals via any means, even at the cost of sapient beings. This means preventing people from using them in any way, including keeping them as pets. The only exception is when the animals are made by sapient beings (through the use of Gen-Mech, for instance); they see those animals as tainted by sapient beings and therefore not “true” animals.

S.A.A.N.W. has completely supported the creation of Petrons, since their existence may lessen the number of “true” animals kept as pets (or experimented on, or whatever). Along with their other activities, they offer support those who are creating the Petrons, even (or especially) when they are trapping sapient beings in Petron bodies.

S.A.A.N.W. tends to get into conflicts with phormen and pen-phormen over the fact that they don’t care for plants as much as animals. Some of the complaining phormen (and pen-phormen) are just upset by the hypocrisy, while others think the company should prevent people from using plants as well.


Name: Society Against the Abuse of Natural Wildlife (or S.A.A.N.W.)
General Location: Unknown

Associated Rooms:

Notable Objects:

Stuff Produced:
A lot of fliers and such

Associated Beings:
Sapient beings


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