Sound Dampening Field Generator

This gadget creates a field that keeps sound from escaping. Those inside the field can talk amongst themselves, but no one outside of the field will hear them. Librarians often make their patrons borrow these while they’re in the library. They’re also popular with people who go on a lot of stealth missions, snorers, and people who kidnap and tie up lots of hostages. They are unpopular with the grius, since it blocks their sonar.


Name: Sound Dampening Field Generator
Size: Small
Description: It’s a small, hexagonal gadget with buttons on it.
Nicknames: None
Type: Field Generator
Owner: Various
Availability: Uncommon
Producer: Unknown


  • People outside the field can’t hear you if you don’t want them to


  • People outside the field can’t hear you even if you want them to
  • It limits the range of sonar used within it


Currently unknown

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