Sun City

In this domed city, the weather and the gravity are the same as the weather and gravity on the planet Bhorl. It allows the pen-phormen (as well as other species that can live on Bhorl) to live on planets whose environments would normally be hostile to them, as long as they stay inside.


Name: Sun City
General Location: A lot of these are on Yurphius, but there may also be some on other planets (or moons, or whatever).

Locations Inside:


Beings Inside:
Pen-Phormen, as well as any creatures they brought over from Bhorl. There may also be some members of other sapient species as well.

These sun cities were developed by the pen-phormen after they left Bhorl. The pen-phormen developed them on one of the colony ships they left Bhorl on, in case they had to colonize an uninhabitable planet. It turned out to be a good idea, since they ended up using the sun cities to colonize Yurphius.

The experimental versions of the sun cities weren’t as big as the final version, as city-sized constructs would take up a lot of space in a colony ship.

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