The tolekis are basically leaf people who can shapeshift and sometimes have multiple tails. Do they remind you of anything? Or rather, any two things?


Name: Tolekis
Home Planet: Acera
Known For: Shapeshifting, Their homeworld being a pleasure planet
General Life Span: Around 90 years

General Height: Varies, depending on their current form. Their normal form is of average human height.
General Weight: Varies, depending on their current form. Their normal form is lighter than the average human.

Their appearance varies, since they can change into other things. Those things don’t necessarily have to be sapient or even alive.

Their normal forms look like humanoid maple leaves. The part resembling the leaf itself is from the waist up, while their legs and tails resemble maple leaf stems. They have four arms, and some of them have multiple tails. Their upper arms have three fingers, while their lower arms have only two. Their fingers, ears, and head are pointy. They have no toes. They are gender neutral.

Possible Skin Colors: Colors that can appear on leaves (such as green, orange, brown, red, and yellow)

Species Type: Plant
Skeletal Type: Unknown

Friends (Generally): They welcome members of all species to their planet, though I’m not sure what their relationships are with other species as a whole.
Enemies (Generally): Unknown

Home Planet Info: Acera is a pleasure planet, filled to the brim with casinos, restaurants, parks (both theme and normal), and…other services.

Spoken Language: Galactic Standard and Melyx, a syrupey sounding language
Written Language: Galactic Standard and a written version of Melyx
Miscellaneous Language: They could easily have a language that involves transforming into different things. I’m not sure if they do, though.


  • Don’t need food
  • Can change into almost any non-specific creature or object


  • Need sunlight
  • Very flammable
  • Can’t change into specific creatures or one of a kind objects

Likes (Generally): Sunlight, Tourists
Dislikes (Generally): Unknown
Fears (Generally): Fire

The tolekis' home planet is a place where sexual expression of all kinds is encouraged, but all other freedoms are squashed under a dictatorship. This especially applies to the freedoms of those who either disapprove of the sexual expression or simply don’t want to get involved in it; if they aren’t outright imprisoned, they are heavily discriminated against (in such ways as being killed or sold into slavery) while the government officials look the other way (despite speaking out against such things in public). Naturally, many of the people discriminated against in this way have already left, and those that haven’t only stay because they can’t leave for one reason or another. The seedy underbelly of the planet is hidden surprisingly well from outsiders, as many people wouldn’t come and visit if they knew its dark secrets.

This society seems strange for a species that doesn't reproduce sexually. There's no way they came up with this system on their own…is there?

Other Info:
Breathing – Tolekis breathe carbon dioxide, like non-sapient plants do.

Reproduction – Tolekis reproduce through some sort of ritual, as opposed to sex. The ritual can only be done by tolekis in their normal forms. On Acera, it is illegal to perform this ritual without a permit. If the ritual succeeds (it doesn’t have a 100% success rate), the toleki who performed it will get one or more gall-like structures on the upper part of their body. The toleki won’t be able to shapeshift while they have those structures. The structures will slowly grow until, eventually, a baby toleki will come out of each of them. Then, the structures will wither and fall off.

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