Translation Glasses

When set to a language, these glasses make it seem to the wearer like everyone (except animal-type creatures) is speaking that language, lip-synching and all. For those that would rather hear the actual language, the glasses can be set to translate other languages into subtitles instead. These glasses come with ear-pieces and an olfactory sensor. The company that makes these glasses can also custom make them for those with an odd number or placement of eyes (or ears).


Name: Translation Glasses
Size: Small
Description: They are basically red glasses, although they come with small ear pieces and an olfactory sensor.
Nicknames: None
Type: Glasses
Owner: Multiple
Availability: Uncommon
Producer: Unknown


  • Supports most languages
  • Helps to translate some of the less understandable accents (such as those of the wrasar)
  • Can be made to translate into subtitles


  • Humor doesn’t always translate
  • May not be able to go over other glasses
  • They’re a little bulkier than most glasses


Currently unknown

Special Info:
Non-verbal languages will be translated only as subtitles.

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