Tri Beast

Some olgars created this monster in case they need a weapon to use against other species. It lives on metal and can sense electricity, so it will eat almost any enemy technology it comes across. However, there are several flaws with it. First of all, the creature dies in only a few months. Either it falls apart, or one of the parts devours the other two. Secondly, the olgars didn’t think about lightning storms when creating the creature. Therefore, the creature will often go to the site of a storm, since the electricity sensors can’t differentiate between storms and technology. The olgars eventually stopped making them due to these faults. It is unknown if they are working on another version.


Name: Tri-Beast
Size: Huge

Description: It resembles a giant sea anemone with the legs and feet of a raptor. It looks like three different parts have been combined into one instead of being a single beast. Each part has its own head. There are areas on its heads that act as electricity sensors. It is more liquid than solid, even though it holds a shape.

Nicknames: Unknown
Type: Mutant of some kind
Rarity: Very Rare
Products: Unknown
Personality: Pretty hungry and pretty mad
Location: Unknown, although there may be some in laboratories on Narlom. While they are made on Narlom, they are never released there.

Lifespan: About 8 months


  • Can breathe lava, electricity, and cold wind
  • Very strong and durable
  • Can sense electricity


  • Has a very low life span
  • Can be distracted by thunder storms

Lava Breath – The Tri-Beast breathes lava from its first head.

Electricity Breath – The Tri-Beast breathes electricity from its second head.

Cold Wind Breath – The Tri-Beast breathes cold wind from its third head. It is capable of freezing things. The resulting ice can then be melted with the fire breath.

Currently unknown (other than that they were made by olgars).

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