There are some mines with valuable mineral ores, including Duritanium, on Uryx. The sky there is purple, for some reason or another. There seems to be a lot of rocky outcroppings, although there are some lakes here and there.


Name: Uryx
Home of: Wrasar

Gravity: Normal
Climate: Unknown



Locations Inside:
Duritana – A wrasarian country famous for being the first place Duritanium was discovered.

Spoken Language:
Wrasar can speak the Galactic Standard language. Since their vocal structure prevents them from being understood by most other species, they usually don’t speak it much around those other species. Wrasar who know about translation glasses may be more talkative to anyone wearing them, since they wouldn’t have to worry as much about not being understood. Most non-wrasar living on Uryx can speak the Galactic Standard language perfectly well.

The wrasar also have their own language, called Tervaxian, which takes advantage of their weird accents and vocal structure. Needless to say, they are more comfortable speaking in this language than they are speaking in the Galactic Standard language. Some of the non-wrasar that live on Uryx can understand Tervaxian, but they can’t speak it effectively.

Written Language: The Galactic Standard and a written version of Tervaxian

Miscellaneous Language:
The wrasar have a language called Twalun Harsius, which is composed of what looks like wrestling moves. These moves usually have to be performed on something for them to mean anything. Some of the non-wrasar that live on Uryx can understand Twalun Harsius, but they don't normally use it.

The wrasar also have a sign language, called Twalun Gadifer, which they use whenever using the wrestling language is inappropriate or impossible. This sign language takes advantage of their 15 fingers. Some of the non-wrasar that live on Uryx can understand Twalun Gadifer, but they can't use it effectively.


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