Val Martinez

Val is a humanoid nudibranch that thinks it has telekinetic powers, but actually has the power to control humanoid zooxanthellae stagehands. Very few people ever find out that it's wrong, as the stagehands are undetectable through normal means.

Basic Profile

Name: Val Martinez
Gender: Both (Unknown)
Age: Around 27
Height: Around 6’9
Weight: Around 125 lbs.

It looks like what you’d expect a humanoid Pteraeolidia ianthina to look like, except some of its cerata (those finger-shaped protrusions on its back) are long enough to be used as arms and legs. It is brown with blue cerata and a thin, blue line down its back while its stagehands are absorbed into its cerata; it is white while the stagehands are out. In both cases, it has two purple bands on each of its oral tentacles, and the tips of its rhinophores are purple.

The stagehands are humanoid zooxanthellae that wear black stagehand costumes. However, most people (including Val itself) cannot sense them in any way.

Nicknames: None
Species: Humanoid Blue Dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina, not a giant blue lizard)
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
Love Interest: Unknown
Fighting Style: “Telekinesis”
Job: Unknown

Personality: Unknown. It’s very picky when it comes to food, but that’s mostly due to its dietary requirements.

Quirks: It mistakenly thinks that it has telekinesis.

Wishes: Unknown


  • Has a legion of zooxanthellae stagehands doing its bidding
  • It is solar powered as long as it has its zooxanthellae stagehands with it
  • Gets zooxanthellae stagehands and nematocysts whenever it eats hydroids
  • It is poisonous to eat as long as it has nematocysts
  • It can regenerate lost body parts
  • It can detect chemicals with its rhinophores


  • Weak to salt
  • Its body is rather soft
  • It has a hard time picking up small objects without the help of its stagehands
  • Its eyes only allow it to distinguish between light and darkness

Likes: Parades, Luminescence
Dislikes: Unknown
Fears: Salt

Favorite Drink: N/A
Favorite Food: Hydroids

Possessions (Buildings not Included):

Val used to be a normal Pteraeolidia ianthina. I won't go into the specifics on that right now, since it involves stuff I haven't revealed yet.

Special Info:
It has a power that’s like telekinesis, but with stagehands trying to blend into the background doing all the stuff that a telekinetic would do with mind powers. It seems to think the power is actually telekinesis, since it can’t actually sense the stagehands. Then again, the stagehands can only be sensed by people who can see invisible objects (as well as the audience).

It does most of its “seeing” with its rhinophores and its oral tentacles. This “vision” isn’t really sight, though. It uses its rhinophores to detect chemicals, and it uses its oral tentacles to feel things. It has eyes, but they only allow it to discern between light and darkness.


All Movesets

Normal Taunts:
Nematocyst Sting – Whenever Val eats a hydroid, it stores that hydroid’s unused nematocysts in its cerata. It can then use these nematocysts to sting opponents. It only does this as a last resort. For the taunt, Val eats a hydroid in the middle of battle. This taunt temporarily increases Val’s attack power, as well as its ability to stun opponents.

Other Attacks:
Summon Stagehands – Val brings out some of its stagehands (or absorbs them into its cerata if they’re already out). It almost always has them out, though. Val does not know this move’s actual effects. Instead, it thinks that this move locks and unlocks its telekinetic powers. I’m not yet sure what this move does in the fighting game (if anything).

“Telepathy” (Normal Moveset)

Basic Defense Abilities:
“Telepathic” Block – Some of the stagehands block an incoming opponent’s attack. In the fighting game, this is Val’s normal block.

Basic Movement Abilities:
“Levitation” – Some of the stagehands carry Val around as if it were levitating. In the fighting game, this is Val’s normal movement.

Special Attacks:
“Telepathic” Hit – One of the stagehands goes forward and punches an opponent.

“Telepathic” Grab – One of the stagehands goes forward and picks up something. It can then either throw it or move it around. In the fighting game, Val uses this move to throw the opponent.

“Telepathic” Barrier – One of the stagehands stands in one place either behind or in front of the opponent, preventing them (as well as any projectiles they shoot) from getting past it. It will go back to Val once it takes enough damage, however, and the opponent can jump over it. Val can only have one “barrier” out at a time; if it tries to set another one while the first is already out, the stagehand acting as the first “barrier” will go to where the second one should be.

Super Attacks:
“Telepathic” Beating – The stagehands jump on the opponent and beat them up.

“Telepathic” Reflection – One of the stagehands wraps exposed electrical cord around itself and either walks slowly (for the ground version) or creates some sort of fly system out of the cords and moves through the air slowly (for the anti-air version). It can either start close to Val and move away from it or start far away from Val and move closer to it. The stagehand will parry any projectiles (but not beams) that touch it, causing them to be reflected back at the opponent. If the opponent touches the stagehand without blocking, they will be damaged and knocked away. After moving a certain distance or parrying a certain number of projectiles, the stagehand will go back to Val and take off the electrical wire. Val can only have two “reflectors” out at a time; if it tries to set another one while two are already out, the stagehand acting as the first “reflector” will go to where the third one should be.

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