Virox is a genetic experiment whose original purpose is long forgotten. Its creators have abandoned it on an uninhabited planet, where it lives its life as if it were a normal creature. You could have gotten that information from reading the history portion of this profile, but oh well.



Name: Virox
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown, but it’s very tall
Weight: Unknown, but it’s very heavy

Description: There’s a picture to the right, though that’s just of its upper half. The bottom half doesn’t look any less weird, though.

Nicknames: None
Species: Genetic experiment of some kind
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
Love Interest: None

Personality: It doesn’t seem to be entirely sane (if that even applies to a creature), but this doesn’t hamper it any.

Quirks: Its eyes are always moving in different directions unless it is sleeping.

Wishes: Unknown


  • Physically powerful
  • Its claws are poisonous


  • Can be easily spotted due to its crest

Likes: Food
Dislikes: Annoying flying things
Fears: Nothing

Favorite Drink: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown

Possessions (Buildings not Included):

Abominable Flare – Virox shoots fire from both its eyes and mouths. The eye fire is going everywhere, since its eyes are never still.

This thing was the first successful genetic experiment done by the pen-phormen. The original purpose for making it (if there ever was one) has been forgotten. They dumped it on an uninhabited planet. It continues to live its life on this planet, not knowing or caring that the beings who created it no longer wants it around.

The crest on its chest may give some insight on who created it.

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