Yarin Armor

This is the armor that the yarin wear. The newer ones are made of Duritanium. It can be custom-made for other species, but that doesn’t happen too often.


Name: Yarin Armor
Size: Somewhat small

Description: This armor looks like it’s made of plates or scales and covers most of the yarin’s body. It looks like it’s’ a part of them, even though it’s not. Some yarin paint their armor (or use a Natural Color Changer on it) to make it a different color, especially the gray yarin.

Nicknames: None
Type: Armor
Owner: Various
Availability: Very Common on Zelmond, Rare to Uncommon elsewhere
Producer: Various


  • Doesn’t hinder movement
  • Provides decent protection against attacks


  • Offers less protection than heavier armor


Currently unknown

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